A Toast To Volunteers

Ideas are meant to shared. There are great ideas and terrible ideas but you learn from the good and the bad ones.  This is a idea that we have found to be a good one, it’s called a “TOAST BAR.”

Each Sunday morning our volunteers get up early to come serve  at our church. Most of the time it’s so early that breakfast is not an option. They get their kids out of bed and jump in the car using all the energy they had saved up. They deserve to know that we as a church has their back and that we try to think through everything.  So our children’s ministry team has set up a simple, easy to maintain, inexpensive bar of bread, jellies and more.  Each week gathering together to pray and eat. they walk away feeling informed, loved and part of a team making a difference each week in the lives of these kids.


Great ideas are meant to be shared. Here’s a TOAST to all Volunteers. Thank you!


Camouflaged Thankfulness


Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner and has had me thinking about how to let my volunteers in Kid’s Ministry know that I am thankful for them. What I didn’t want to do is camouflage my thankfulness with a gift of appreciation based on the fact it’s Christmas and here is your Christmas Gift type thing.  What I do want to do is let each volunteer feel as though the time that they give to invest in Kids each week doesn’t go without notice.  It would be super easy if you have a volunteer staff of a dozen or so to make it memorable but when you have over 200 volunteers it makes personalization really hard.

I begin to ask myself “will this camouflage my thankfulness?” “Will they see past the Christmas gift?”  “Will they really understand how thankful they are that they sacrifice their time each week to  make crafts, teach the Bible or even change poopy diapers of a child who may not even be their own?”  All I know is that without these awesome people our church would be unable to reach whole families with God’s love.

The realization is that my thankfulness needs to be:




Do you have someone or a group of someones that need to be thanks. Don’t camouflage it with a holiday or special event. Being thankful for someone should be so genuine that they see your heart behind what you do and how you thank them so that it is obvious that you are thankful for them.  Will they know that your thankful for them or will they think your thankful for just the thought of them?