A Toast To Volunteers

Ideas are meant to shared. There are great ideas and terrible ideas but you learn from the good and the bad ones.  This is a idea that we have found to be a good one, it’s called a “TOAST BAR.”

Each Sunday morning our volunteers get up early to come serve  at our church. Most of the time it’s so early that breakfast is not an option. They get their kids out of bed and jump in the car using all the energy they had saved up. They deserve to know that we as a church has their back and that we try to think through everything.  So our children’s ministry team has set up a simple, easy to maintain, inexpensive bar of bread, jellies and more.  Each week gathering together to pray and eat. they walk away feeling informed, loved and part of a team making a difference each week in the lives of these kids.


Great ideas are meant to be shared. Here’s a TOAST to all Volunteers. Thank you!


A servant’s heart


This week I have had the privilege of recognizing a Lady at our church that will be moving out of state. What is special to me about being the one to recognize her is that she has done something in ministry that you very seldom see. Let me explain:

A little over 30 years ago a lady that kids and adults call “Aunt Betty” started teaching a mid-week class called Mighty Moppets (word stems from England meaning “Might little children”)  She creatively put together a curriculum that rotates each year that helps little children ages 4-6 could understand more about the Bible. It is perhaps some of the best teaching materials I have seen in 13 years of ministry for children of that age and each week 20-30 kids walk through the doors excited to learn about Jesus. I have had the opportunity to talk to parents of children that are in the class as well and to my amazement, they were just as excited to see their child become a Mighty Moppet because they to, many years back were a Moppet.

Aunt Betty has more energy than a teenager and a strong passion to see small children understand God’s Word. I look up to people like her, a lady who each week pours hours into preparing for one midweek or even weekend class. A lady who not only loves her children but the others that serve with her.

Thirty plus years doing something that God has called her to do at our church is a amazing accomplishment and I just wanted to take some time to say “WE” (your children, your parents, your church) are grateful for you and your willingness to serve Jesus.