Fist Bump Time


I know most of you that serve in children’s ministry desire to make the weekend the best part of the child’s week. We do that by providing relevant and Biblical lessons, providing exciting games both on stage and/or in the small groups and creating super cool Disney style environments for kids of all ages. But one thing that a lot of us miss is personal interaction. As Children’s Directors / Pastors we get so wrapped up sometimes on making sure the volunteers show up or that the items needed are where they are supposed to be that we fail to make the most of what is right in front of us: A CHILD.

I encourage our team and my staff to never let a child pass you by without taking a second to say hello, give them a five, pat them on the head or the ever faithful fist bump. ┬áThese kids look forward to Sunday, they look forward to seeing their friends, their teachers and their leader – YOU. Showing attention not only gives the kids a great feeling about church but the parents gain a trust in you as the leader because they see that you really do care.