Rethinking my cubicle

Your office space says a lot about who you are. Whether you work from home, at a big corporation or even a small town business, you have the chance to make your mark. It can say your messy, clean, organized, creative or even too busy. So i asked my self this question:

What does my office say about me?


I have been at my new ministry for about 5 months where I have inherited one of the biggest cubicles I have ever seen. this picture only shows you one corner. I have come to a point where it’s time to make the most of the space I am at almost every day of the week. So I started researching creative offices and ways to jazz up a cubicle and I am officially ready to think creatively. Over the next month I will begin to transform my cubicle into a picture of ME. How about you? Does your desk have stacks and stacks of paper, piles of stuff that need to find a place, left over food wrappers or is it super clean well organized, informative of what you do and looks like you have your act together? Look at this post of Nine Absolutely Crazy Offices.