Dinnertime is the Best Time

Dinnertime should be the best time of the day for most people. Kids are home from school, most parents home from work or on their way out the door to go to work. But, it is a hour that should be set aside to spend time with the most important people in your life: YOUR FAMILY!

I got to thinking about ways to make dinnertime the best time of the day for my family and I thought i would share my learning with you (Simply Fun for Families) because half the work of meal prep is figuring out what you’re going to eat.

  • D-O-L-O-D-O-L Week:  Day 1– cook a Double meal (maybe pot roast and lasagna) Day 2– One. A single meal day.  Day 3– Leftovers (use the D meal and make it in sandwich, soup or casserole) Day 4– One. Meal of your choice. Day 5– Double day again. Day 6– another One day. – your choice. Day 7– Left overs of your choice and if there is none – eat out!
  • Celebration: is there something to celebrate together, such as a lost or loose tooth? Did someone make it through the 1st day of school, sports or work? Find something to celebrate and make dinner time celebrate time.
  • Table Talks: Make Dinner a conversation. Learn from your family by having conversation starters ready to go. You can even have a jar in the middle of the table that a question could be drawn from. Here is a website that can help you get started: CLICK HERE
  • Backwards Night: Do everything backwards, sit backwards in your chair, reverse table settings, eat dessert first instead of last and one of my favorite eat with your opposite hand.
  • Hands Only:  Eat the whole meal with just your hands. (kids love this one)
  • Indoor Picnic: grab a blanket and sit on the floor.

I’m not a traditional styled person but I must admit that bringing back the tradition of spending time with your family can be a lot of fun.