Communicate Effectively

Came across this Infographic and has GREAT information when it comes to communicating to others at your church or your work. Enjoy! and Communicate well! Davitt-Corporate-Partners-IG-Sept.14-final-e1419951011812

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Stay Creative!

Just wanted to share with you 29 ways to stay creative. This list has been out there a while but for many creative people we just need a reminder. Happy New Year!


Do you have one that you would add to the list share with us, comment below.

Don’t limit yourself

I have been in Ministry for 14 years and I have been a part of 3 church start-ups. One thing I have had to discover is you have to be flexible and you have to be creative with the space and resources that you have.  I wanted to show a couple of examples of what was thought of as a limit and what a little creativity can do.


Limit: A church with no kid space needed a room  for kids so they backed a school bus up to the back door and turned it into an awesome kid’s ministry area.

<— Result




Limit: A children’s ministry meeting in a school at the end of a long hallway with white walls. So they added a little color.

<— Result



Limit: A children’s ministry that set’s up each week in a school classroom filled with teaching posters and classroom desks. They utilized their resources and created an exciting portable environment.

<— Result




Limit: A church that met inside a borrowed space and was limited in what they could do and all the messes they could make. They created a box and made messes that engaged children in church.

<— Result





Limit: A small church with limited space and no outdoor play area wanted to do an Easter Egg Hunt. So they utilized the classrooms and made it glow  with the Blacklight Egg Hunt.

<— Result


What limits do you have? What keeps you from thinking differently?

A Creative Find: 10 tricks to creativity


I am always intrigued with ways to become more creative or to stretch my creative thinking. This past week I came across this blog post by Harvey Mackay. He has written 6 New York Times bestsellers, including the #1 bestseller Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.

The blog post called “10 tricks to getting the creative juices flowing” is worth the read in detail, HERE.

I also wanted to include a quick summary of the 10 ways for you but I highly recommend reading the blog post in it’s entirety.

10 Tricks to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

1. Keep a journal.

2. Search your environment for inspiration. 

3. Question everything.

4. Turn problems around.

5. Combine random elements.

6. Recruit a partner.

7. Read something totally different than usual. 

8. Tolerate failure. 

9. Listen to your “inner child.” 

10. Relax your mind.