The Power Of WHAT

As I have said before in a previous post I was a huge fan of Professional Wrestling. I remember when Stone Cold Steve Austin would get up in the middle of the ring and begin one of his “rants” and the crowd would yell, “WHAT?”  The more Stone Cold talked the more the crowd said “WHAT?”

The thought of that brings so much to mind as a communicator:

What am I trying to say?

What is my goal in this?

What do I want to happen?

What is the audience need to know?

What, What, What….

If you don’t communicate clearly your audience begins to ask you that what question and you better be ready to answer it.  Think about the what first when planning anything or you go in unprepared and ineffective.

What should be the first question you ask and one of the most important.  Even in life:

What am I going to do today?

What will I need for the meeting?

What time will I need to be there?

What should i wear?


What about you are you being effective? Do you know why you do what you do?  Do you know the what is your end goal?

Sometimes we just have to stop and ask WHAT?




When you’re on the journey of life sometimes you have to cross bridges that you never saw coming. Sometimes the bridge to what lies ahead is concrete, solid and you are sure of it and your ability to make it across. Then you get to some that are rickety, full of gaps and scary looking. Those are the steps that are the hardest to take.  This week I was able to finally tell others of my next FAITH STEP. It is a bridge that looks scary but I know to get to the place God has for me this is the bridge to take. In fact I am positive this is the bridge because of the certainty I get from seeking God.

Here it is: I am making a transition to a role within my church that is much needed  —> Pastor of New Media and Communications. I am excited because I get to help communicate  the vision, mission and culture of our church and I get to invest in the leaders of our church. This is a HUGE Step of faith for me. I have been in Children’s Ministry for 15 years and have seen God work through all of it.  But God is clearly asking me to follow His leading. So I step out in faith.

My family and I are really excited to be taking this step and look forward to what God has for us. Over the next couple blog post I want to share more of what I am learning as I am taking some steps of faith. Stay tuned….

Here is a video explaining this step of faith to the volunteers of our children’s ministry.