God of Earth and Outer Space



Had a childhood flashback this week. I was thinking back to the days of growing up in a Baptist church. Sunday Nights we would get the chance to pick our favorite hymn and if the Choir Director knew the song you and the rest of the church sang it to the top of your lungs.

My favorite hymn never got picked and it’s obvious why. So I thought I would share Hymn # 20 (God of Earth and Outer Spaceout of the Baptist hymn book.

God of earth and outer space, God of love and God of grace
Bless the astronauts who fly, As they soar beyond the sky
God who flung the stars in space, God who set the sun ablaze,
Fling the spacecraft thro the air, Let man know your presence there.

God of atmosphere and air, God of life and planets bare,
Use man’s courage and his skill As he seeks your holy will.
God of depth and God of height, God of darkness, God of light,
As man walks in outer space, Teach him how to walk in grace.

God of man’s exploring mind, God of wisdom, God of time,
Launch us from complacency To a world in need of thee.
God of power, God of might, God of rockets firing bright.
Hearts ignite and thrust within, Love for Christ to share with men.

God of earth and outerspace, God who guides the human race,
Guide the lives of seeking youth In their search for heavnly truth.
God who reigns below, above, God of universal love,
Love that gave Nativity, Love that gave us Calvary.

What was your favorite hymn growing up? 


“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.”  Psalm 19:1



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