FREE Curriculum

If your like me, being in children’s ministry, your always trying to find good relevant teaching curriculum that teaches good quality lessons to your children that God has put under your care and leadership. Sometimes that means you have to come up with stuff on your own because you know your kids you know how they learn and you know that having to purchase series after series can be pricey and that adds up.  Sometime you feel as if your children’s ministry budget shrinks fast because your spending money that goes to lessons that you only use once. I agree and I am always looking for GREAT things that will help children learn while having a BLAST doing it. Today I want to share a few sites that give you FREE quality curriculum that your kids will LOVE.

Newspring Church (KidSpring) CLICK HERE

Life (Life KidsCLICK HERE

Church on the Move (Kids on the Move) CLICK HERE

A series that I compiled a couple years ago: FREE Angry Lessons from the Bible (series based on the Angry Birds) CLICK HERE

FREE Easter Series: God to the Rescue CLICK HERE

The Praise Factory CLICK HERE

Know of any more curriculums that are FREE, Please share with us by leaving a comment below. 


6 thoughts on “FREE Curriculum

  1. Our kids curriculum is available for free as well. You can find it at

    Currently there are 4 series available which include all curriculum resources including videos.

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